POEM allows you to evaluate large groups of learners through rich questions and in an automatic way. It offers the teacher a simple and intuitive interface to build a course (a playlist of lessons), either by drawing from the pool of lessons already available or by uploading their own pedagogical content.

POEM is based on a MOOC system (Massively Open Online Courses), with the added value that it uses algorithms (based on ant colony optimization) to select and propose individually adapted lessons individually adapted to the objectives, level and skills of the student.


POEM is intended for anyone who wishes to acquire or share knowledge, whether it be the student or the teacher. A student can be registered by a teacher (compulsory lessons with deadlines), or guided by the lessons that POEM selects for him/her in order to reach the pedagogical objective that they have set for themselves. As the platform is open, the curious can browse through all the lessons and participate as they wish.

Each lesson consists of a visual aid and a peer-to-peer evaluation which is done through open questions questions. The student is asked to answer a series of questions, but also to correct and mark questions and answers, as well as to propose new questions themselves. The final grade of a student thus depends on his understanding of the subject (pedagogical grade) but also on their participation (participatory grade).

For the teacher, POEM offers an interface where he/she can simply and intuitively provide lessons, create lessons, follow the progress of his students as well as obtain analytical data about his courses or lessons. In the end, he obtains reliable evaluation grades (COPA) which he can easily check, modify and use. The open aspect of POEM allows the teacher to to compose from all the lessons available on POEM.

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